Platform for e-gift cards

Built on the Stellar blockchain

What is e-gift card

An electronic gift card is a digital gift card with a unique code that can be redeemed (exchanged for goods or services) at participating merchant facility.
  • Service provider

    is a consumer-oriented company that provides a service or merchandise (i.e. a barber shop, travel agency, apparel boutique etc.).
  • Customer

    purchases gift card from his smartphone or laptop using credit card.
  • Gift card

    is a prepaid electronic card entitling the recipient to receive goods or services of a specified value from the service provider.
  • Recipient

    receives the electronic gift card via email or text message in a form of unique card code that can be redeemed at the service provider facility or on the website.
  • GFT Treasury

    is an online service that issues gift cards and provides payouts for the redeemed card codes.
  • GFT

    is an asset based on the Stellar blockchain. Each gift card is backed by US dollars and contains the equivalent amount of the GFT tokens (i.e. 1 GFT = 1 USD).


Invest in growth and customer relationships, not the infrastructure. Let us take care of technical details while you are focused on business aspects that really matter.
  • E-gift cards

    We offer full-featured electronic gift cards with instant delivery via email or text message — no more plastic cards or shipping costs.
  • Blockchain transactions

    The true power of blockchain with its distributed architecture and super-fast transactions powered by Stellar.
  • Fully backed by USD

    GFT tokens are backed by USD equivalent in a US bank account. All payments are guaranteed and regulated by our corporate compliance policy.
  • Payment settling

    Our instant transfers and payments are AML/CFT and PCI DSS compliant, with plenty of payment options: Visa/Mastercard, Wire, ACH, PayPal, Changelly.
  • Global services

    The GFT platform and services available worldwide in multiple languages.
  • SAAS for consumer-oriented business

    Our professional tools and customizable widgets are free of charge with no startup costs. And it's totally free. No kidding!
  • Advanced enterprise platform

    A full tool set included — a robust API, JavaScript SDK, white-label, detailed statistics, advertisement and referral engine.

Consumer-oriented business solutions

Bitcoin and mainly all other crypto-currencies were originally designed to replace the fiat currencies. And one of the most widely used affirmations on crypto-coin forums back there was "Soon you will be able to buy a morning coffee with cryptos."

Today we are making it happen. With GFT you will be able to pay for coffee, dessert or lunch — anything you like.

No hassle. No commissions.
From your smartphone. In seconds.


E-gift cards for meals and drinks all over the world

It is a simple yet powerful solution for venues, and completely free of charge: no setup fees, commission-free, with zero ownership cost.

Own a restaurant? Register at 2THE.PUB and list your venue now!


Universal gifting platform for any business

Forget about plastic cards, packaging, and delivery. Increase profits selling e-gift cards through our gifting service.

Sound interesting? Want to issue your own e-gift cards? Check out our unique EasyGifts platform.

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Enterprise solutions

Want to use our payment platform in your e-gift/loyalty projects? Need a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements?

Build your own service on top of the GFT platform API.

Extensive platform

We offer an enterprise-grade platform and our global financial services to companies performing in the industry of e-gifts or loyalty programs.

Contact us and describe your case. We will do our best to offer you a comprehensive solution focused on your business requirements.

Unique set of features

  • E-gift cards and loyalty accounts on blockchain
  • Adjustable GFT transfer and redemption options
  • Both internal and on-chain transaction ledger
  • Personal blockchain wallets for customers
  • Instant GFT transfers between user accounts
  • Powerful API and SDKs
  • Priority 24/7 support
  • Flexible payment and withdrawal options
  • Global payment settlement network
  • Secured and trustworthy (AML/CFT, PCI DSS compliant)
  • Customizable gift card caching options
  • Personal blockchain wallets for customers
  • Zero fees on internal transactions
  • Lowest USD withdrawal fees