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What's so special about the GFT?

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New age of e-gift cards

GFT Network is a platform for e-gift cards built on the Stellar ledger. We offer comprehensive SAAS solutions and payment settlement for B2B and B2C business with unique conditions: no setup fees, commission-free, zero ownership cost.

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Digital gold standard

GFT token is an asset for e-gift cards issued by GFT Treasury, which guarantees its value. Tokens will be fully backed by USD on the corporate bank account to maintain a fixed 1GFT=1USD exchange rate.

GFT token in depthTreasury concept

True power of blockchain

Transactions on the Stellar network are almost instant (4s average). When you transfer GFT tokens you only pay the Stellar transaction commissions which is currently 0.00001 XLM (about 0.000002 USD). Better than credit cards? Definitely!

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We don't sell a dream, only solid tech

It's not an ICO project. The platform, web services, API and SDKs have been thoroughly tested, documented and are ready to use. GFT is not a next "super featured blockchain." It was designed to meet requirements of the gift cards industry.

Promo presale is finished

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