GFT Treasury

Treasury issues gift cards and provides payouts for the redeemed card codes

Treasury Concept

All connected platforms operate through Treasury API. Treasury provides financial guarantees for a 1GFT = 1USD conversion rate with zero spread on all operations.

Unified solution for any platform

Treasury doesn't have a graphical user interface. It operates directly through API (directly or using our Javascript SDK). GFT purchase and withdrawal requests are initiated from 2THE.PUB, EasyGifts and other connected platforms.


We are planning to sell at least 36 000 000 GFT by the end of 2017. Presale will take place in two phases.
  • Phase 1 (3 000 000 GFT) is planned as a community presale and is intended to gain support from community and B2C customers.
  • Phase 2 (33 000 000 GFT) will be used to fill up the Treasury fund. Funds gathered from the presale will be exchanged for USDs and placed to the GFT Foundation bank account.


Any additional GFT needed to cover gift cards value will be automatically issued by the Treasury. Each e-gift card purchase will increase the liquidity of the Treasury as the corresponding USD amount is transferred to the GFT Foundation bank account. We expect GFT will reach 100% own funds capitalization by the end of 2019.


Immediately after launch, the Treasury will have an initial liquidity of at least 55% of the distributed GFT. Preliminary agreements with banks for overdraft credit line provide 100% coverage of all distributed GFT tokens.
Information about current GFT Foundation USD balance will be publicly available to ensure trust of the GFT users. All cross-border USD transactions with regional partners are processed by the GFT Foundation from the Treasury bank account.

GFT Purchase and Withdrawal

Purchase options

End-users can instantly purchase GFT using one of the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin, Stellar and other altcoins via Changelly

Withdrawal options

GFT holders may exchange their GFT tokens for USD at any time without a service fee (additional fees may apply depending on the selected withdrawal method).

  • GFT - Stellar account (0%, minimum 0.1 USD)
  • Wire Transfer (0%, minimum 100 USD)
  • ACH/SEPA Transfer (0%, minimum 100 USD)
  • Visa/Mastercard (3%, minimum 10 USD)
  • PayPal (3%, minimum 10 USD)
  • Changelly - BTC, ETH and other platforms (1%, minimum 1 USD)