What is GFT token

GFT (Gift Funding Token) is a blockchain asset for e-gift cards


  • An asset on the Stellar network. It can be traded, transferred to other Stellar accounts or exchanged. And of course you will be able to buy a gift card for GFT tokens.
  • Issued by GFT Treasury, which guarantees its value, so anyone will be able to exchange it for a corresponding USD amount (1GFT = 1USD) after Funding Phase 2.
  • Designed to serve as a "fuel" and universal measure of value for e-gifts and loyalty program solutions.
  • Commission-free. When you transfer GFTs you only pay the Stellar transaction commissions which is currently 0.00001 XLM (about 0.000002 USD).
  • Freely circulated. We neither control nor limit the transfers of GFT tokens, only issuing and redeeming.
  • Freely exchangeable. It's not tied to our services; you can buy/sell it on public exchanges if you like.


  • Not a new "mega coin that will definitely substitute the fiat currency and disrupt all markets". There are a lot of them already. We highly recommend Stellar.
  • Not a "super featured generic blockchain." It was designed to meet the requirements of the specific industry.
  • Not an ICO project. The platform, web services, API and SDKs have been thoroughly tested, documented and are ready to use.
  • Not mineable. You cannot "mine" GFT tokens, only purchase them using our services or on the public exchange.
  • Won't make it "to the moon"! It will be strictly tied to USD, so it won't bring you 10 000% revenue. However, you can make up to 400% solid profit on tokens pre-sale.
  • Not an opensource project. All the code and services are maintained by the GFT Foundation. API and widget docs will be publicly available. SDKs source code will be published on GitHub.